Facebook Rant

Hey Guys, with the latest Facebook Chat update, Facebook broke the last straw. Now I can’t find my online friends, and it only shows the people I talk to the most. WTF? I want to be able to talk to all of my friends, not just the most popular ones! How Anti-Social. So I said: “That’s it. I’m quitting Facebook.” So for the next month I’m not even going to look at that disgusting* blue and white pile of sh*t. Does anyone hate facebook as much as I do? Why do they have to do shitty updates? Why does AN Y site need to do shitty updates?! Youtube, Google, Facebook, and any other big corporation. STOP TRYING TO FIX IT, IF IT AIN’T BROKE! Anyways, I’ve worked off some steam, I’m going to eat a sandwich now. Good night.


Fixing things that aren’t broke is a good way to make them better.

I mean, check out old facebook:

But the problem with this last update is that they made it worse.

I liked it in 2010. Look at how it shows just 6 friends, that you can choose to display, instead of a bunch of random ass people. Look how the chat doesn’t take of 1/4 of the screen. The only update that was worthwhile, was the “view friendship”

See, I don’t mind the bar because Facebook doesn’t support widescreen.

It also means less clicks to search through online friends.

-Why does the bar show offline contacts as well?
-What if I want to talk to all of my friends?
-Most Importantly, What’s wrong with ranting?

You Sir, are a troll. Stop trying to get reactions out of people.

You made points, I made counterpoints. You sir, are the troll.

  1. I dislike this for sure
  2. Search isn’t exactly difficult, and if you have a lot of friends on at any time, is faster than the old method
  3. Nothing. What’s wrong with counter-ranting?

Nobody here is trolling. You both have valid points, but I believe you’re arguing about different things.

I see my profile picture in that photo, Zurg. Apparently I was offline at that time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and I don’t really mind the new chat bar. Way I figure it, Facebook is gonna keep updating how it looks, and there’s really not a whole lot I can do about it if I still want to use the site.