dont ask, i was forced to make this for class xD

I think I blew my eardrums, you prick >_>

PS I think my laptops built in keyboard is a piece of shit.

things syntax man thinks, with your host syntax man

… what does your keyboard have to do with it?

also its not my fault your sound was too high <_<

The Keyboard hasn’t got anything to do with the game, it just was on my mind because I need to press some keys harder than should be necessary to get them to work. It was on my mind then because that post involved many of the offending keys.

and my volume was high because I was siting in my room with my laptop and ipod earphones, usually usually high is necessary to hear anime or games over my brother and his fucking saxophone >_>


so basically its IRRELEVANT

If it makes you feel any better, CMC, I lol’d hard when I started hitting faces randomly and then it said “FAILURE” in big red caps. Then I read the instructions, and lol’d again.

In other words, I think that this half-assed game is full of win. :stuck_out_tongue:


it goes way beyond the requirements of the lab :slight_smile:

thats what amuses me the most