Fallout: New vagas: Repairing weapons?

In Fallout: New vagas, I need a place to repair my guns and armour, please list a person, and where they are located in game.

mesothelioma asbestos

youre in the wrong section

I don’t have FO:NV :frowning:

Repair your own shit FFS.

lawl…wow. And yeah…I believe this is the wrong section. None the less, I shall comment on how Fallout: NV is friggin awesome. I got both Fallout3 and NV for the PC.

Honestly, I found New Vegas to be uninteresting. Fallout 3 was a much better game.

Honestly, I have played neither so I cannot comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, Fallout 3 wasn’t worth shit without mods, and Vegas is proving to be largely not worth shit, I’ll wait until the modding community starts to really pick up and its all properly functional before I start playing it again.

For me, it was more just a different experience from Fallout 3. Sure, everything that was technical about the game remained the same, but I’ve always been infinitely more interested in the story and mini-quests of Fallout rather than how the game plays. New Vegas feels like a much more personal story until you get all in the NCR’s and Caesar’s Legion’s business. And it doesn’t have the same feeling of “This is EPIC” as Fallout 3 did, but I didn’t really mind the switch.

Plus, a story of vengeance will always have a soft spot in my heart for some reason. Probably because I’m a cynic. :stuck_out_tongue: