Family trouble

So lately my mom told me that somehow my dad managed to call her and ask her to give him another chance.
My dad is a heavy drinker and used to verbally and physically abuse my mom. He used to throw stuff at her and threaten to give me a "full-birth abortion."
It took me a while to convince my mom to move out and we did, he was eventually arrested and now seems to be out of jail.
I’m scared that my mom will be tricked into believing he has changed, I don’t want him to hurt my family anymore and I’m scared he might hurt me.
What should I do?

Well, I don’t know where you live…
But where I come from, we just call the cops and ask for a little help.
there’s always a street-agent somewhere around, so he/she could check around once in a while.

But if that’s not the case, then I suggest you and your mother go somewhere else for a little wile.

OR give your dad a change… I’ve never been in such situation, I don’t know what I should do >_>

Well, for one, I don’t realy trust the cops ability to do anything.
Little known fact: 30 of the 32 VT deaths occured AFTER the cops showed up.
My advice? Have your mom get a FFL (federal Firearms License), and some cheap pistol.
Even if he has changed, the gun may come in handy someday.

I’m not really sure what to do. I’m about to start school soon and I worry that my dad might show up while I’m away and attack my mom.

That is the absolute opposite direction of “solution,” from where I stand. =/

At any rate, that guy doesn’t seem to deserve another chance. I mean, seriously. Even if he did change, after all that crap? He doesn’t deserve it. At least get your mom to understand that.

Of course, I’m coming from a Christian standpoint, so I’d be up for the whole “forgive and forget” idea.

But being forgiving doesn’t mean you have to be an idiot, either. So take precautions, one way or the other. Most cops really can be trusted, especially if they don’t have a whole college to deal with. And if you don’t wear dark colors and band tee-shirts. Glares at local police who are all prejudiced against his friends.

On a relevant note, my brother (who smelled like beer) dragged me into the house by my neck the other day, berated me, told me my friends didn’t care about me, and further threatened me. That was a fun one!

My mom is pretty much convinced now about giving him a second chance.
I feel like I’m watching a horror movie, watching the lead charecter walk into a trap…

well, i’ve never been in a situation like this but while this might not help your mom, i can suggest you to live with one of your friends. explain it to them and hopefully one will be caring enough to help. As for your mother, you can always call the cops, tell them about the guy’s background (your dad) and your situation and hopefully they will be keeping an eye on him.

Well, I don’t believe forgive and forget necessarily means "Forgive and get back together with the guy that beat you and threatened to kill your child."
I’m fairly sure something in the relationship was just a bit screwy =/

No1192, it is your right as child, and your mother’s responsibility as mother, to make sure your needs get taken care of. Tell your mom! If you have, tell her you will absolutely hate living with your dad, and you expect that it won’t be as positive as she thinks for her either. If she still insists, ask her to wait until you’ve grown up and moved out.
I’m not a fan of dick fathers, and trust me, there’s not much in the world more psychologically harmful than having to share a house with, and be subordinate to, a person who hates you and treats you like shit.

Just for clarification, how old are you, and where do you live? If you want to PM the answers so you don’t get stalked over the internet or something that’s cool, or if you don’t want to answer at all that’s cool too.