Fangame List -- Awaiting Custom Game Descriptions

I think it would be a good idea posting a screenshot link by
the demo or topic of the game. Just an idea.

not many have screenshots.

delete mine, it’s been abbandoned beacuase lack of tutorials and help

I’m doing MP22D(I love color coding!). Add that to the list.

Wow, prime, how did you find the patience to do that? Congratulations.

You can add Genesis to the list, too. :slight_smile:

Someone really needs to keep this list up to date. :>_>:

Sorry. As you can see I had to get a new account because my old one no longer works for some strange reason. Because of that I no longer can edit this topic, so either a mod should or it should be taken down so I can post a new one.

Oh, that is to bad…

how do ya attach your game to a post or reply??? :confused:

Metroid:Dark Shadows has a website.

Made by me, approved by Banjo. Well, at least, it has a message board…>_>;

Metroid: Phazon is underway.

Metroid:RPG has a website.

Well of course it’s my website. But It has a fourm if people would like to join.

SMP3D isn’t on the list.

Neither is Genesis. We’ve a website,

Most good fangames have a website. Or at least a forum if not a website.

SB2D demo is coming

Excellent! :laughing:

Metroid Fusion 2: Prime Battle has a demo. Demo 2 is coming

Also good.