Fangame List -- Awaiting Custom Game Descriptions

Metroid: oblivion forum:

And by the way, I’ll have a demo out as soon as I’m done fixing the shooting… and… my computer gets a modem again…

Please Add Metroid: Phazons Brother. Site here.

You forgot mine!

here it is:[I]Metroid: The X Factor?

if any of u are familiare with BYOND (build your own net dream) u could play the 1 i made. it kinda sux becuz i wasnt an experienced coder when i made it. but im remaking it like 10 times better. byond u have to download the program dream seeker on their.

You forgot Metroid Legends 1 someone else made.

Maybe I should re-make this topic.
It doesn’t seem to updated enough.
I go to this forum at least 1 time each day, so I would keep it updated.

u need to add Metroid Echoes Fuse done by me

Please add Metroid Nebulus. There is no website, because just recently I thought of actually making this game for the public to play…

Hopefully, one will be coming soon.

<_< Look around for my fangame, Metroid Aurora…

BTW, the new codename is M-PIVA (Metroid-Prime 4 Aurora)… so… yeah…

And the website is:

But… it’s only just started… so… again… yeah…

I’m thinking of making a First Person Shooter as a squel to Metroid Fusion. Sounds dumb, don’t know how it will work out :unamused: but if it doesnt Ill start over with a platformer version. :smiley: It’ll be great!!!

Good idea that whit the fangames
I realley liked the “Metroid morphball maddnes” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This post needs a major update. Scrap it and try again! :astonished:

Add more games Add more games Add more games Add more games Add more games
Please!!! :frowning:

Er, ya…
And I just so happen to notice that Prime isn’t banned anymore… why?

Finally, I’ll give you an update with Metroid: Raiders.

I just updated the list. All topics before July 1st 2006 are removed, and all topics after July 1st 2006 are added. Fangame makers may post in this topic if their fangame is not listed–assuming it is new, active, and/or old but still in progress–or if they would like their own description, not my generic maker and what’s in the topic description. Any others may post here for any other problems with the list, such as missing demos, new fangame helpers/programmers, missing websites, etc.

The order is oldest topic to newest, P2D itself being the exception. Metroid: Net Mission is listed there because it is “old but still in progress”, and the maker, myself at the moment, would like the fangame listed. Other fangame makers may do this for their old but still in progress topics/fangames as well, as mentioned in the first paragraph in this post and in the first post of the topic.

About bloody time someone fixed this … thanks Troid, keep up the good work.

I may shut down my forums, I’ll let you know if I do.

New forum link. update the list.

is there any FINISHED fan games?

Yeah, i think so. Cant remember what it’s called, but i played it. It used super metroid sprites.