Fangame sprites

Guys my ones are only beta!

alpha of Kranu

I have a spritesheet for Samus’s new suit in my fangame, but it’s not completed yet. :confused:

That species really looks like it can blow up a planet as your fangame description says… :>_>: :unamused:

I have a full sheet of sanddiggers for those who are interested.

Slothien’s awesome.

Any one want my sprites?

I guess i wouldnt mind looking at them.…progress8jk.png <----SRITES

I planned on using sanddiggers in my fan game and I tried to make them but…it was a nogo! Soooo… Ummmm… can I use those?

Ya you can use them and I also have unused dark samus upgrades well anymated as well.


Dark Samus upgrades, can i see those. I need something like that in my game…