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What if we for some reason can’t post progress on that board?

I agree with Darth Nat on Zero Mission having lame sequence breaking. Sequence breaking is about challenge. Making such an easy to “break” game is kinda pointless. Make a game that’s supposed to be “unbreakable”, then watch as we rip it into shreds. ::Looks at MP2:: Too bad I can’t sequence break.

If we try to make it “unbreakible”, then it may end up like fusion.

Has anyone here played “Metroid Revelation”?

If so, there is a trick my brother and I used to get to a “water part” early without gravity suit, and couldnt get out. We found out a trick, that if you are underwater, and you use bombs repeadiately, and very fast, you can do a very slow moving IBJ. We used that to break further into the game, and to escape. Im not saying we should add that intentionilly, but we should make it so you can bomb jump underwater, just so theres that possibiltiy. :smiley:

Good point about Fusion. Ugh. :angry: What is Metroid Revelation?

It was a one-man fan-game which used to be on SCU a longgg time ago. I beleive it contained a virus, which is why they got rid of it. It was a very great game, though. :smiley:

Aw man. I’d like to try it. :cry:

Would that be the one in the caverns near the start? If so that was absolutely appaling.

it may have been appaling but at least it was a useful time waster

metroid revelation was pretty good though

…Why isn’t this stickied already? :sweat:

A few questions:

How will the X-ray and thermal visors work? The whole screen?

Will there be Wall jumping?

How will Theardusbattle work? The OP battle?

How will Flaggera work?

How will dashing work?

You could also do Power grip instead of space jump.

I think the visors are going to be done SM style…

But how would that work while fighting, say metroid prime (form two)?

1–They wil likely affect the entire screen when active.


3–Like they did in Prime…

4–Flaahgra in center. Satellites in corners and at top. Flaahgra is a non-solid background object. Get the picture?

5–The same way it did in Prime.


But would Thardeus’s rock roll work?

OP’s phason pools? You could just stand on one side and fire constantly. :confused:

Thardus will occasionally hop into the air slightly while rolling. You can boost under him. That’s how it worked last I checked but it may have changed.

As for OP, … Hm, that’s a good point. I don’t know how that part will work… I’ll ask some of the other managers, maybe they’ve figured it out. ^^;

[07:08:55 AM] how will omega pirate work when he turns invisible? if the xray affects the whole screen as i recall you saying it would, wouldnt that make him too easy?
[07:09:40 AM] uh
[07:10:07 AM] Omega Pirate doesn’t appear (even on X-Ray) until after some time passes from when it dissappears
[07:10:21 AM] but once he appears, he is not hard to find, even in Prime

Man, that would ruin the hide in the corner, lock on and fire constantly and not get hit at all because you destroy the rocks, too high for the ice, and too high for the rock roll stragety I found.

About OP, you could stand on the edge of the room with X-ray visor and fire plasma constantly. :stuck_out_tongue:

What would you prefer, an insanely easy game or a boss of moderate difficulty?

An insanely hard game, duh.

It was meant to be rhetoric.

But my vote wasn’t an option. :3