favorite power suit

what is your fav power suit

  • power suit(basic)
  • varia suit
  • gravity suit
  • phazon suit
  • dark suit
  • light suit
  • PED suit
  • fusion suit
  • fusion varia
  • fusion gravity
  • zero suit
  • U-A-M-1(get from SA-X)

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we all know their for protection, but who looks out for them? :confused:

I’m metroidfusion4evers brother! :metroid:

Light suit. Because it’s a HUGE relief to finally no hop around to crystals nonstop, and it looks pretty awesome.

Light suit is pretty good, but I think I’ll swing with the Phazon suit from Prime 1. It saves you from so much damage, it’s kind of ridiculous. I remember one time when a friend of mine used an Action Replay to get the Phazon suit before fighting the Omega Pirate, and it was so insanely easy I could scarcely believe it.

So yeah, Phazon Suit. But Light Suit is a close second, for the same reason as Cephalopodium.

There have already been like 800 million of this topic. I say lock it.

I completely agree with this.

i agree with the phazon suit
and i would agree with the light suit if i didnt hate the look of it

I along with about 7.69% agrees with me that the SA-X suit rocks. I mean just look at it it’s just awesome. Sucks though that you can only have it for like a minute in metroid fusion.

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