Favorite space pirate

What’s your favorite space pirate

  • Pirate Troopers (MP1)
  • Pirate Troopers (MP2)
  • Pirate Troopers (MP3)/Assault Pirate Troopers
  • Advanced Pirate Troopers
  • Pirate Aerotroopers (MP1)
  • Pirate Aerotroopers (MP2)
  • Pirate Aerotroopers (MP3)/assualt aerotroopers)
  • Pirate Commandos (MP2)
  • Pirate Commandos (MP3)
  • Space pirate commander
  • Pirate Grenadiers
  • Shadow Pirates
  • Beam troopers (wave, plasma etc…)
  • Elite Pirates
  • the Phazon Elite
  • the Omega Pirate
  • Weavel
  • Advanced Aerotroopers
  • Berserker Knights
  • Berserker Lords
  • Super metroid pirates
  • Karate pirates
  • Fuzion pirates
  • Zero mission pirates
  • Crab space pirates (from the artwork)

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Okay, so I overdid it on the list…and I still didnt have all the pirates. I took out pirate militia to shorten it.

But honestly, I dont think we’ve ever had this topic, so what’s your favorite type of space pirate?

MP2 pirate commandoes FTW.

Kung-Fu Pirate.
No two ways about it.

Yeah, Super Metroid Elite/Ninja pirates. Those guys are great.

Elite Pirate.

Is that really how to spell “Pirates?” Because that spelling has always looked a little odd to me…

Oh, and Kung-fu all the way.

Kung-fu/ninja/karate pirates win epicly.

Berserker Lord (For his demise he got electrocuted and hit a pirate ship!)


One thing that bothered me is when you fight the one in Elysia, I think that he just disappears. I could be mistaken, and if so, please correct me.