yeah, at the Micro$oft press conference Square nailed the final nail in what looks to be the PS3’s coffin by announcing that the unlucky number 13th final fantasy will be on the Xbox 360 as well as the Playstation 3
what are your thoughts on this

i will buy it if it’s good a good RPG, i don’t have many of those.

I honestly don’t get what the big deal is. I don’t think the PS3 was banking on FF13, and Sony couldn’t command the Final Fantasy exclusives for forever.
I don’t think this is the final nail, and I’m not sure the PS3 deserves a coffin just yet.

I think it does, but a nice, fluffy one, without a lid.

It’s a nice blu-ray player, which also has a few games.

Nintendo Wii FTW. Lol jking (not really, but whatev). Anyway, yeah, I don’t think that this will kill the PS3, primarily if you actually have a PS3, then you have every intention of buying a Franchise Title, such as MSG4 or FF13.

But then again, I don’t think that the PS3 was ever really considered alive in the first place…

It was before it was released, when the PS2 was the gaming equivalent of Gordon Freeman against headcrabs.

A gaming equivalent to something from a game, eh?
I agree… PS2 was great, the majority of people had one. 90% of the time, someone would have either a gamecube and a ps2 or an xbox and a ps2, never so much a gamecube and an xbox, because the PS2 was the popular awesome thing with all the greatest games. Now the XBox 360 is the popular awesome thing with all the great games, and the Wii is the popular spiffy thing with all the quirky fun games… which leaves very little for the PS3 to grab on to…

Yep…'tis a sad world we live in. Ooh! Who else heard of the Motion Sensing Remote from Xbox?
Xbox Motion Sensing?

Personally, it sounds like a hoax to me, but maybe that’s because I’m sure that if Microsoft even tried something remotely similar to that, Nintendo’s ever-growing army of lawyers would swoop in for a lawsuit immediately. So, any thoughts?

Oh btw, I’m trying to hijack the topic for my own intents and purposes, just in case it wasn’t already blatantly obvious.

That looks like the biggest piece-o-crap ripoff I’ve seen in a while.

FFXIII on 360 is kind of old news.

well now, but when i made the topic E3 was still going >_>

Actually, they were talking about it as a possibility at least a few months ago, I believe… I don’t remember where I heard it, though.

Yeah, I heard in like April.

that would have been when it was a RUMOR not A FACT

Er… no. Square stating that they may develop FF13 for the XBox 360 alongside the PS3 is not rumor, it’s a fact that they were thinking about doing it. It wasn’t set in stone, but it sounded like they had the chisel ready.