Fighting metroid prime

I was wondering how to fight metroid prime in 2d, the first form. Because your in such a long room, you wont be able to see prime, or where your aiming. Will the camera be altered for boss fights like this, or will we just have to shoot offscreen???

Um, you could always…y’know…go close enough that you can see her.

Personally, when i fight prime, i like to stand on top of those mushroom thingys, and hide behind them. And getting close to see “her?” wasnt very safe in the game, due to its long reach, and even though im not sure how that’ll translate to 2d, it doesnt sound like alot of fun.

well, i would just go closeer, but metroid prime isnt all that hard

you could, like, make the camera pan out or something :slight_smile:

A rock you can sand on for better aim, it gets destroyed eventualy, a morphball hole to jump in when she dashes at you. and when she leaves to a new room, wash rinse repeat.

btw I doodled that in 35 seconds. =)

no wonder i cant tell which ones samus and which ones prime >.>

Lolz. Still, i prefer to stay pretty far away from prime during the fight. But they should have a pan out camera option.

Samus is the penguin looking thing standing on the rock with a hollow under it.
Prime is the thing coming outta the wall.

Lolz, oh, now i see.