Finally StarCraft 2?

GameSpot, IGN, and Kotaku has posted news about the new “game” that will be revealed. It could possibly WC4, D3, or SC2, but now doesn’t redirect to and shows a timeline of Blizzard’s game. And according to reputable sources, Blizzard owns This has been hinted at before, and if the hints point to the right direction, we could possibly see SC2 by the end of this year. Whatever the case, Saturday be your day.
Search StarCraft here in Wikipedia
News here in GameSpot
News in IGN
News in Kotaku (you’re going to have to search)

It still redirects. is a timeline too. is about 5 years old. There are alot of other very old hints that supposedly point to sc2 (such as WoW easter eggs and kerrigan quote), plus it would be stupid not to, after sc ghost and other obvious reasons.

Either ways, I wouldn’t put my bets on sc2, I think DIII has equal chances, since both games haven’t haven’t had a “renew” in years. Warcraft does too, because it’s the money-making division right now, but they have done too much warcraft lately.
Haven’t anyone thought that a completely new game could be made? it’s a possibility too ;p…

Note that on the timeline it’s a mirror effect, and StarCraft fits into the place of the ?. Also note that SC and the ? are the only ones glowing so brightly. Also note that’s home page is a giant picture of Kerrigan.

No questoin. The next game is SC-something. Exactly what, now THAT’S cause for debate. But no signs point to D3 at all.

Actually, yesterday the picture was diablo, and two days ago it was wcI and II ^_^". They change the image according to the countdown, the one it currently is will be white I think. It fooled me because I saw this when it was in wc I and II and I thought itt had something to do with the new game.

Although I didn;t notice the mirror effect.
EDIT: haha more about the mirror effect is that 3 to the left of sc are 1 diablo and 2 warcrafts, and 3 to tthe left of the new game are 1 diablo and 2 warcrafts.

Now that you mention it, nothing points to DIII, so sc2 has alot more possibilities. But there were DIII rumours, no doubt about that.

Hm, yes, but SC is the only one that’s so lit up.

LOL you both don’t understand. You can CLICK on the names of the game. It changes the big picture (and a new quote from the game) and brightens the name up. And true, it actually does redirect (after going to, I found the same thing). They add more to the timeline as time goes on so that on Saturday, the “?” will be revealed.

It’s what I said. 2 days ago you coudln’t click on previous games for splash screens. used to be a boat site. They’ve just moved to–presumably to let Blizzard take the original domain.

I think that about settles it.


Edit: Zerglings have wings? O.o…19000515560.jpg

Damnit Daz, I thought I would be the first at 8:50 A.M. Central but NO! You have to go at 12:00 A.M.! But yes, IS UP.

Looks amazing, TOTAL EYECANDY

After so many years… ;_;
I think it’s beautiful, gorgeous, badass, and it looks like they’re mantaining the original rts formula unlike wc3. Looking forward to a new race, dont care if its playable or campaign.


wow the models actually look good on starcraft 0_0 i recently picked SC up and DoW kicks it’s ass. . .but it is still fun

This topic is about SC2, not how much DoW kicks SC1’s ass…

yay! it doesnt go back to the timeline anymore! holy shit that is some good stuff! i cant wait! just cant wait! just cant wait! just cant wait! <trails on for about 4 years>



also, the blizzard homepage has a link to it… “Hell, its about time!”

I have to close my eyes its so holy!

oh… ohh… oohh!!! me likes it =)

my life… finally has a purpose!

Man syntax, SC is a classic, the best rts game ever made arguably, and definitively an influence to all other rts. I suggest you check your facts before talking of ass kicking.

Anyways, I don’t think those are zerglings. Zerglings don’t look like crickets ; p. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I saw an encased hybrid in the artwork cinematic.

my dad ruined my high when he made me go see spiderman 3 right after my excursion into the starcraft 2 website…

The “Hell, it’s about time” on the blizzard homepage is actually a quote from the marine in the cinematic video. anyone who hasn’t downloaded this video yet should. it is the highest quality cinematic that blizzard has cranked out yet! although i dont understand why the marine is shackled in the beginning…

Agreed. In fact, SC has a better Multiplayer experience than DoW. I mean seriously, B.Net pwnzerz GameSpy Arcade any day, any time. GameSpy ruined Halo, SW: BattleFront, and all these other games that they decided to provide servers for, because no one can ever get a good ping. But n3w4y2
StarCraft 2 is coming out in 2008. An official gameplay trailer isn’t even out yet, it wouldn’t help to become so anxious right now.

They’ve been working on scII since wc3 finished, it’s not as delayed as you think.

  1. you don’t need GSA to play DoW online in fact i recommend you don’t nobody makes servers on GSA you should just use the THQ online service or whatever you uses over GSA
  2. no they have been working on SC2 since they finished WoW after canceling ghost… for which EB still hasn’t refunded my friend’s pre-order lol