First 3D web browser!

To all of those who missed out on the announcement of Google’s new 3D Browser, download it now!

All you have to do is to download the new Chrome browser and print out your 3D glasses for a full, authentic, 3D web-viewing experience!

View P2D and countless other sites in full 3D today!


so much win ='D

Didn’t they change 3D glasses from red and blue to yellow and blue? IMO it makes more sense, yellow and blue being opposite colors (and therefore more distinctly noticed, along with adding up to be white).

Anyways, meh. Firefox will always win, and that would annoy the hell out of my eyes.

i think red and blue are opposites…

I dislike firefox simply because of its name
And no CM, red and green are opposites but I don’t know about blue and yellow

No, Red goes left, yellow is center, and blue goes right.

Oh, and I was a Hardcore FF user…until I tried Chrome. I prefer speed to add-ons that I will never use.

i just inverted red in paint, got a light blue
inverted a darker blue and got yellow

zurg wins xD

Yellow isn’t a color >_>
Red, green, blue.
If you used blue and yellow you’d still see blue through your yellow lens.

It’s an april fools’ joke though. Chill.


now the yellow thing makes zero sense
yay 3D red/blue combo of hurtyoureyesandendyourlifeness

You guys should know more about color, being spriters.

Red is 255 0 0.
Opposite is 0 255 255. Blue + Green makes Cyan.

Yellow is 255 255 0… so blue is the inverse of that. Teh zomg.

However, like I said, yellow isn’t a color the human eye can see.

PS Mandatory reading:

:angry: <<< so what is this

A bunch of red lights and a bunch of green lights.

I just said yellow is 255 255 0 didn’t I?
There are red-and-blue glasses, and red-and-cyan ones. I’ve got a bunch of red-and-cyan ones, but the cyan may as well be blue. :stuck_out_tongue:

who was the pillock that decided that in the world of computers that green would be a ‘primary’ colour and yellow wouldn’t anyway because this is confusing.

COLOR (as far as the human eye is concerned)

I guess if you prefer CMYK though knock yourself out.

Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that it, on its own, isn’t a band of light we can see? It’s red and green light, but it’s still a distinguishable color. Just not a pure color.
(I’m explaining this badly, but I think you get what I mean.)

Edit: Dammit, Tim! Stop editing your posts when it takes me longer than it should to reply! >_<!!

Dudes, You suck.

Erm, Chrome is the same speed as Firefox. I’m a web developer and I have all five major browsers, and here’s a few comparisons:
Speed: Firefox ~ Chrome > Opera > Safari > IE
RAM Usage (without plugins or add-ons): Opera < Chrome < Firefox < Safari < IE

Also, for those of you who do not know:

  • Red, Green, and Blue are the three additive primary colors (light)
  • Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow are the three subtractive primary colors (pigment)

Cyan is not blue, and magenta is not red. There is an obvious difference.

Yay, people who know what they’re talking about (CV and Retro).

Sorry though, CV. I got carried away in the moment and posted something that wasn’t quite true and then was like “wait…” >_>

Thanks Tim.
Only by thanks, I mean…


It’s cool, it took me about ten minutes to arrange that post in a way that it said something that almost made sense.
“Yellow IS a color! Unless you define color as light being absorbed and not just the simple definition of color, in which case it’s not a primary color? Unless you’re talking about painting and mixing colors, in which case it mixes with red and blue… wait, why the fuck am I thinking about painting? Talking light, and yellow isn’t a primary color from light… god I’m hungry.

Oh god, what was I thinking about?”