First Metroid

Apparently on a forum for a 2d remake of a game that came out 5 years ago, most of us have no clue what the final boss of the game is?

Just throwing ideas. But I’d say that weirder stuff has happened, like that one bot, the gerbil.

That’s why?

Lol, funny thing, its almost a good enough reason. Prime’s forms had badass music.

Oh, and I voted orime as well.

They created a consistent atmosphere, that felt like metroid. Not to mention that the pirates felt great, very…piratey.

Id say that as long as Mp3 can maintain an atmosphere (unlike Mp2), it’ll feel good playing, even if the atmosphere doesnt feel like Metroid prime’s.

i liked prime 2’s pirates. they were more accurate to the original 2d sprites than prime’s pirates.