First sprite..

Well, i have recently been on your forums looking around at well, everything. so after a while i decided to give the spriting a try, and i saw a post by someone that said to take one of the p2d teams sprites and try and recreate it as best you can so, i tried it with your samus. here it is

Please give criticism on what i need to improve and i will try my best.

You should probably get permission before editing someone’s sprites.

And comments: The legs look way out of proportion, along with the shoulders. when your arms hang down, they are right beside your body. if not, that would be a VERY painful position. >_>

I thought it was an illegal edit at firs too, but MH is convinced it’s just similar.

He just said that it was an edit of MH’s sprite. <_<

Ok, i am VERY sorry if i did an illegal edit, all i did was looked at a picture of yours and did it by eye as best i could. i didn’t know it was illegal :frowning: . so, should i take your criticism or start a whole new sprite?

Ah, if you looked at it and made a sprite by scratch then thats okay. I was thinking that you edited MH’s.

well, i do feel better now that i know i didn’t do something illegal (at the age of 12 :frowning: ). But i did take what you said into consideration and i did a quick little edit

I think it looks alot better although i didn’t have much time so i couldn’t do much but thats what i got so far.

Try some light source differentiation. Give it some contrast, like this:

Well, i tried it and here it is.

EDIT: changed a couple things

Definately better, but you should put more contrast into your dark shaded points and light shaded points, so you can tell the difference, but not to much that it looks weird.

i added a little more. uh, umph i guess you could say to the pic here is what i got

i would’ve added more but i had to stop, who knows, maybe it was good i stoped, but anyway there it is

Much better. Te only thing I see wrong with it is the outline. I ave no idea why MH even put one in the first place…

Wow…I’m only 12 too…but to tell ya the truth…and I don’t really need to say, but that is way better than my first tries…keep it up…:smiley:

thanks alot Animationboy :smiley:

Metroid072, i can understand about the outline thingy, but everytime i try to take em out (on the feet for example) it looses all depth and looks just terrible. so i dont know if im doing it wrong or what, but as far as im concerned i think it looks fine the way it is, so unless maybe you can show me an example of how to take them out (and still look good) i will greatly appreciate it, if not i will just leave it the way it is.

EDIT: text…

One way that I learned only last week (or two weeks ago, can’t remember) Is to put a color a few shades darker then what you are outlining in the place of the black.

well, the feet are the only part that has black on it (maybe part of the knee), so… maybe i should just change that…yeah, i guess i will

The best way to fix outlines is lightening them and making them thicker. It doesn’t sound like that would fix them, but it does. Get a color about halfway between the standard orange and black.

Yeh, np…just make the border of certain spots a few shades darker, like said…:smiley:

ok, i took out all the black outlines, theres none left. i do think it looks better but please tell me if something is wrong.

EDIT: all the outlines except the gun :wink:

I donno…there’s just something about it…the border, I donno…better, I think…still, it’s good…keep it up, yo!