flamingo says hi


also lawl

People honestly like that animal? Good god, I can’t believe that’s the first time I’ve seen a real picture of a Flamingo. I am thoroughly disappointed.

I’d never seen a picture of one up close until I decided to look it up today for no reason in particular. The beak reminds me of a banana.
It is one unfortunately designed animal.

Its face is unfortunately designed, but it functions well enough.
Unfortunately designed animal? Platypus.

Not to steal a joke from TFSM, but can anyone say Unintelligent Design?
<Cloud Varis casts Shield of Flaming Christians Defense!>

Are you kidding me? Platypuses are awesome.

  1. They have 4-headed penises.
  2. The males have a venomous barb that can kill a dog or knock out a human.
  3. They don’t have nipples, but rather sweat milk into pools on their stomach, that their offspring then drink.
  4. They lay eggs, but develop them inside their bodies for 30 days first, with only 10 days spent outside the body.
  5. They have bills.
  6. They can sense electrical charges.

What can a flamingo do?

  1. Look funny and eat with its head upside-down in the dirt underwater.

This is true, and I kinda meant visual design, but that cancels out the reason why I brought up the platypus entirely <_<

…weren’t flamingo’s supposed to have lazy-lookin’ eyes? Or should I start watching fewer Disney movies? <_< >_>

Edit: Don’t forget their legs look like weeds.

you people never cease to amaze me

What do you mean “you people”? :stuck_out_tongue:

…um…the people on this board? I don’t really know how much simpler I can make it (not that it should really need simplification, but hey whatever)

I think he means to imply that you’re one of “us.” :slight_smile:

It’s a racist joke.

“What is it with you people?” White man asks black man and woman.
“What do you mean ‘you people?’” Black man responds, referring to white man’s racism, which isn’t really racism. White man merely wants to know what is it with those two people.

Thus, we get, “What do you mean ‘You people?’” as in you look down on us.

It be a joke. I’m sure someone else has heard this before. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Took me four edits just to get that last sentence correct. I must be tired. Btw, it was also a twist on the idea that we never cease to amaze you, as in I took what you said in the worst possible way (in a sense), which would amaze you, thus continuing to never cease to amaze you. Get it?

Yep, because he will be amazed that you interpreted his comment - about never ceasing to be amazed by you - in the worst way possible. Which like he (essentially), you, and I said, also does not cease to amaze him.

I thought of Tropic Thunder >_>

lol. I understood it XD
I almost said

but decided against it.

You, sir, deserve a cookie.

So do you, Cloud. That would’ve been funny.

would you like me to post the epic cookie here for them, or perhaps find a more epic one?

eh, either/or. Your choice.

Remember, I can’t brain today. I have the dumb. Asking me questions probably isn’t the best idea.

nowhere near as epically huge but still funneh in its own way

Swell! xP