flamingo says hi

thanks Swan

No problem.

I’ve been posting a lot in the last…36 hours, haven’t I…huh.


…I’ve been posting a lot too. It’s like what I do to fill time now, I jump between here and my CSS clan posting stuff. Over there we just had a conversation about the <3 hearts, and how they look like ice cream cones… and/or boobie cones that have fallen over.

…That actually makes sense.

They turn pink if they eat shrimp. That is cooler than Michael jackson playing with little naked boys.

That flamingo is bloody adorable. Freaking hilarious angle.

That said, this topic is going waaaay off-topic.

Either discuss the flamingo, or I shall cast it to the pits of Hades.

Additionally, I can’t help but notice that the filename is Phoenicopteridae. I presume that’s its scientific name…


That just makes me think of a phoenix with propellers, or maybe its wings spinning around and around. >_>

Your moderation notice comes only 9 days late. Well done! :astonished:

Apparently, though, there are a number of phoenicopters. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treron_phoenicoptera

Ack! Did I really forget to check posting dates again? >_<

Man, I’m off my game lately. :neutral_face:

yes, yes you are…



but to post something of use: flamingos are quite big (right?)… can they fly?

i do believe they can
and i dont think theyre THAT big
much smaller then ostriches