For those who care...

I don’t know if this it the right place to put this, but anyway:

I made a Halo 3 montage. You can see it here:

The resolution is a bit crappy, but it was a good movie.

I feel like a n00b, but what song is that?

I liked how you can actually use the battle rifle to it’s full potential. Not very many people can do that.

OK, you own at that game.
Crappy quality, but I can see that you’re really quite good.
How are you online?

IF you read the description, you learn that I filmed this using a digital camera, which explains the crappy quality.

Song-Voices by Disturbed. Watch the credits, and what is after. Probably my favorite Halo 3 moment ever.

I read the description, I assumed you knew why the quality was so bad, so I didn’t bother saying.
Haha, ‘Yo, John, you ain’t dead!’

What do you mean though, how am I online?

Through XBox live, playing against other peoples?

It’s kindof funny how, even with a video, you can tell that you’re playing on a console, since the controls are so clunky.

WASD/mouse ftwfw.

Yes, xbox live.

I love consoles, for 2 reasons: I’m better at the controls. I played Halo 1 on PC and I sucked at it, cuz I was no good at the controls. Also, you don’t have to update stuff all the time, just so you can play the new games.

The guys whom you fought against where sitting ducks plus they didn’t know how to aim lol. They should practice Counterstrike CZ, that’ll make them better. Not that you can shoot through doors or walls in H3 though. I agree with timaster about clunky console controls. It’s slower aiming on consoles. Anyway, can’t you fight against PC owners on Xbox Live? If you do, you’ll seriously need to outwit them with their superior controls >_<.

No. Halo 3 hasn’t been made ofr PC, at least not yet. Even in Halo 2 you can’t, because it was released earlier this year I believe, and it would just be a mess. It would be just bad to have people using new controls play against people that know the controls and have played with them for almost 3 years. I would just be unfair.

Yes, but think of the aiming difference, a mouse is way more accurate, and way faster to spin around. The mouse is superior, so I think it would balence out.

That tells me absolutely nothing about how good you are.

Oh, ok. MOstly ranked matchmaking. Except for a few.

Is that the camera or os your convergence really bad?

anyways ya now i officially suck at H3 >_>

Camera. For the 3rd time.

I made a new one!!

Not the best montage ever, but you should check it out anyways.



wow i must be living in a cave.