Fun With Your Calculator

Ok, depending on whether or not you’re currently going to highschool, or if you even require a TI-83 or any other graphing calculator, you may be interested in what you can do with it. There’s plenty of resources online to do loads of crap with it, and I’d like to hear what some of you are doing with yours. (And of course I can offer advice and support since I had to do alot of fiddling around with the thing to get it to work well)

Here’s my deal:
Ok, right now I have a T-83 Plus. What am I doing with it? Well, I’m using MirageOS (an OS shell) which can let me do alot more stuff with it. What do I mean by more stuff? I mean like playing Wolfenstein 83, a remake of the original Wolfenstein 3D that you can play on your calculator. Literally. And this isn’t some poorly designed, basic game which plays as slow as dripping water. No, on the contrary, this thing is a true blue 3D-raycaster which functions rather nicely. It’s hard to see what’s in the distance due to the limited pixels, though, but other than that the game is great. I mean, really, who would rather be blasting Nazi’s instead of doing Algebra? Besides that, I’m also looking into downloading a Mario-type game, but enough with the games. Let’s get down to some serious business: I’m using “Conic Graphing” because it aids in Geometry, ALOT. If that’s your class, then this is a must have. Ok, so what if you’re a freshman in Algebra 1? Well, there’s “Topics in Algebra Chapters 1-5” which is also of great assistance. Be warned, however, that both of these (especially TIA) are hefty programs. To be honest I haven’t replaced them after I did a hard reset for Wolf, so I have no idea if they will run well given the RAM and Archive memory I’m using, but looking at the numbers it should be fine.

Ok, that’s what I did with mine. How about you guys?