Hi to all. I haven’t been on here for a very long time. But I find myself to have a lot of extra time lately, so I started to make an arcade shooter strongly based on another shooter I found online a year or so ago. If you figure out what it is whatever, but I am not copying or anything since all of the graphics and whatnot in this game are my own. Even if they are strikingly similar to the game that inspired this one. I am mostly creating this game to get some experience in programming, I have plenty of original ideas that I hope to bring to life in the future.

Download this test demo and lemme know if you experience any visual glitches or problems with performance. Game resolution is 1440 x 900, so if you don’t have widescreen, the game might look gross. The game will support other resolutions as well.

For those of you who don’t download without a screen:

And you can download it here:

Looks… ok, for a test :stuck_out_tongue:

Crazy resolution, I run my primary monitor at 1680x1050 (Widescreen), and shall test it later, for I am in safe mode right now. Yes, I’m browsing the net in safe mode. Why? Because I can’t be bothered to restart.

The point of the test demo is just to see how my game runs on other resolutions. The real game has twice as much in it right now. But I don’t think I will actually release for quite a while. I guess I could release builds every few days or something if you guys want, or I could just wait till the whole thing is done. : )

Mono? :stuck_out_tongue:

No free cookie? D:

It may just be my resolution (1152 x 864), but my cursor doesn’t go all the way right or down, but can go slightly off the screen up and left.

Damn…close enough. Echoes by Binaryzoo.

no cookie sorry.

And, sounds like your resolution is my first bug ^^ YAY.

Your text looks downright retarded in my resolution, if that counts.
EDIT: Oh, and I can go off the screen on the top and bottom. I guess it’s just that you need a non-widescreen option.

like troid i cant go to the extremes and the controls are EXTREMELY awkward, perhaps it’s just my hatred of the arrow keys but WASD would be nice, and if you must leave it to the arrows at least let us use the numpad for the weapons

(yes i did have num lock on >_>)

I already changed to ASWD a long time ago, arrows was just faster to type in at the time lol.