Game Maker Registration

So ya I was just wondering if I can still register game maker 6 and if I register it on the yoyo games website will the password still work on game maker 6
cause I,m like cheap so still haven,t registered it yet :confused:

GM7 is the only way.

In that case does any one think it would be illegal to give me a pass code :laughing:

Yes, it is illegal, but check your PM box kthx. <3


I still use 6.0 simply because it lacks the YoYo Games Disclaimer, which I got off of a certain… cough torrent site.

I got my GM7 direct from YYG!

The crack was from a torrent site, though.

Thank for telling me that i can,t register my game maker oh well I guess I’ll just have to go get the “new one” :naughty: