Game over?

I’ll cut this straight to the point. This project is falling apart.

There are still few people who believe in this project, but I’m starting to lose my will and motivation more and more. There’s just no end to this project, and progress is going slower and slower.
I haven’t done anything in a while, hoping that a break would get me motivated again, but that isn’t the case.

I’m having serious doubts if I should continue or just give up.

So, lets talk about the future of this project (if you see any). Should we do a final attempt to finish this demo once and for all, or just let it die…

I really don’t know what to do, it’s 50-50 for me.
Please post your thoughts here.

bah, haven’t seen much in this project for ages now. i’d probably let it die cause of how dead its been around here.

Sincerely, too much work has been put into this one to just let it die. I say, finish the demo. I’m certain that if everything is done well, you could finish it by the end of October. I mean most of the engine is done, if not all. I guess resources are the main drawback. I may be able to recruit some talented spriters just to finish some graphics if that’s needed.

If you ask me i’d say keep up hope. the progect is taking a long time but that meens that the game is noly going to be much better! :smiley: if the game only took a month then all the sprites would be ripped and the walls would be the same as the pre-loaded wall on game maker and the back ground would be the wood back ground. so all i can say is keep up hope. the longer the better! :smiley: so the game has been in production for ummm… 2 years? so think of the quality that the 2d game will be! it will be that kind of game that evryone loves. the way games are ment to be made. all the best games were 2d and so this will be fantantastic.

:metroid: prime 2d FOREVER!!! :metroid:

one word. LOL

It might still take a very long time to complete the game, but look how far we’ve come. Why should we stop now? As usual, I want to compare this to my project… I’ve been working on it since May 2005, and we don’t see a whole lot of progress very often, but we DO see progress, and once in a while, we have a good burst that pushes us probably 5% closer to our goal. As such, it WILL be finished. It may not be very soon, but it will definitely happen.

This is the biggest Metroid fan project in all my internet times this cant die it just cant especially with all the work that’s been put in I mean the resources from what I’ve heard are 70% done and with the demo people will be motivated soon enough cfx will finish the met engine and then people will be able to finish (sry for the grammar free post…Wii)

[sup]I do not think I have much say-so in this topic or opinion sense I have not helped much. I have been watching this progress sense around 2002 (I think, a couple of years ago at least), and have been real impressed at how far yall have gotten.

I say, if it is important to you, continue it. If it is not, then let it die.[/sup]

afaik, the project is dead.
I’ve seen no new BETAs, nothing to tell me that everyone has forgotten about it, except a post on the forum every other week.
If you must let it die, DF, then give P2D a lasting legacy, log on to 64digits, and release the source. That way, many will remember P2D, and someday, someone may take it upon themselves to finish it.
If you decide to finish the demo, then godspeed DF, godspeed.

i’ts not dead num nts :angry:

Finish the demo, that’s all I ask. If we dont finish the demo, we throw away EVERYTHING. We’ll at least be able to create something that people will remember for a long time if the demo is finished. The legacy of OOT2D must at least be honored.

You know DF, I know what you mean. Having a big project in your hands, ideas and motivation is running low, and whenever you think of this game, the list of what needs to be done just never ends. I share your frustration. The forums here don’t seem very active, and as you said much is not being done with the project either. If you want my opinion, I will simply say it’s up to you. It would be nice to finally see the full Ship demo, but in all reality, I can’t see this project going anywhere further from that. I understand completely if you want to lay the project to rest. People have lifes, other things get in the way, we understand completely if you want to end the projec, and we respect that. However, I will say it would be nice to finally see the Frigrate demo see the light of day, and maybe even an engine like Phazon Yoshi said, that way the project can be remembered. If you ask me, too much time has been put into this project for it’s resources, engine, and everything to just vanish from existance.

i’d suggest finishing the frigate demo. then, at least there will be something from all the time spent on the project.

yes just finish the frigate demo. plz :cry:

I know how you feel about it, but I beg you, PLEASE RELEASE the source code if you dont finish this game. It’d be a crime to JUST let it die. It’d be a crime against the internet.

I beg you, that’s all I ask.

If you don’t want to release the source code, why don’t you find another trustworthy, good, willing programmer to continue the project?

Look, if I decide to quit with it, I will not release the source code.

The resources can be released, since they were not made by me. It’s the creator’s decision if something gets released in public or not.

It’s your desision, DF, I won’t hold it against you, but PLEASE!
Don’t let the once-great P2D go down for nothing. We got digged, we had magazine articles! Give P2D a legacy, code a level editor, and then give it to a select few, to make an original game, w/ the P2D engine, or something!
Good luck with making your desision, DF.

Very well, but is this possible?

Hell, you could probably auction it off for money if anything. There are millions of programmers who would KILL to have the chance to finish Prime 2d.

But if anything, either finish it, or give it to SOMEONE.

But if you REALLY refuse to give it away, we can at least put up a P2D bundle pack that’ll allow ANY serious programmer to put it together and at least finish the frigate demo with their own engine.

Hell, we could release EVERYTHING except the source code, and have a competition to see who could finish the game, couldn’t we? It’s the only way I can think of that’d actually be likely to see an end result.