Game Piracy.

So, let’s hear the opinions on this topic.

This pretty much sums mine up:

Author bias is verified as he is a member of said industry.

(Taking about the third post in your image BTW)

On the issue at hand though…
Have I pirated software? Yes…
Have I pirated software recently? No.
Why have I not pirated software recently? Morality…?

From now on I plan to buy games. And, I even have plans to purchase games which I had pirated before.

And TBH I think piracy is bittersweet. When one pirates once, there is a desire to pirate more… and more… AND MORE…

Sooner or later, the volume of software that is pirated becomes too great and causes, basically, information overload. I have recently deleted every single game I had pirated because of this–I’d download something, play it once, then move on to something else; it diminishes the value of the product.

The other guy is just as biased, as he’s a member of said pirates. :wink:

This is worth noting, that guy in the industry was lying, devs really don’t make much of the money developers are being robbed just as much as musicians by the publishers

as for the question at hand, I rarely have money for more than a few games a year, and most of that goes towards games that I intend to play online, or the odd steam sale, so yes, I pirate games.

The actual devs get paid quite well, the publisher takes a huge chunk, because they are the ones that pay for the development costs, pay rolls, etc. The devs get the rest as a ‘bonus’ on their paycheck.

i pirate games by the truck load
glances at DS loaded with an R4 card with a ton of pirated games on it

I have over 80 Xbox 360 games. (I guess I could count them someday)

The reason I started buying my games is Xbox Live. My fist Xbox (the old Xbox, not the 360) got banned from Live so I bought another one that I could use to ply online.

The 360 is an online console and it is pretty much shit without internet access so I continued to pay for all except the Wii games. I was fooled three times by games that looked fun in the store but was crap when I came home and tried them. It was the same story as with the DS: A console with much potential and no developers that can see it.

I’ve always bought games, but I guess that I copied around 30-40% of the games I had.

So remember kids: Don’t copy that floppy!

Oh no… Not that song~! D: