Gamecube Memory Card Help

Ok, so my cube’s memory card was working fine, when last saturday it just stopped working. When I started it up again, it said that the card’s memory was corrupted. Obviously, I didn’t want to lose ALL of my gamecube game data, so I kept the card, and decided to research memory card corruption a bit. I mainly looked for help, and didn’t find anything.

So obviously, I still don’t want to lose my memory, but now anything is better than waiting, just hoping that it’ll work someday. Any help? Any sort of way or idea on getting past having to erase all my data? Please help, I think I’m going to snap if I have to take much more of this.

Eh… happened to me, too. I solved it by starting over and re-beating games I haven’t played in forever =D

See, that’s the real problem. Being a Nintendo Fanboy (No denying it. I am), I bought a lot of Cube games…and when I say a lot, I mean a lot…so losing the data to every single on of them not only would waste a good 200-300 hours of my previous data, but would add on 200-300 hours of play-time just to get them back to where I had each of them. No big deal, I would love to do it, but it would take so long and I would have so little spare time to do it, that I don’t think I could…

If that’s the only option, however, then yeah, it’s better than just waiting for a memory card to fix itself when I know it won’t.

Don’t wipe it yet!

That happened to me, too, a while ago.
I -think- I formatted it, and it retrieved my data, but DON’T do it untill you have any backup, I’d feel awful…

Yeah, same here. Fortunately, it wasn’t the only memory card I had. I had to start over on the metroid games, smash bros, custom robo, and starfox (not all, I just don’t remember what else there was on there), but thankfully my F-Zero data was on the other card. Took forever to get passed that frickin’ highway bomb level…

not that I can get passed the next level…

Point being, I only replayed through the fun ones/ones that I needed unlockables for multiplayer. But see, with my other memory card getting lost at a friends house, and then having the friend MOVE, this has happened to me before, so it wasn’t as big of a deal for me the next time around.

Yeah, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.
I mean, you have an excuse to play through all those great games again!

Tell that to my unused copy of Bionicle.

If you can try to find another memory card, it has happened to me before and I didn’t want to lose any data so I got a new memory card and transfer the data over to it.

Well, a little bit of an update and lot of closure. My friend, who was the last one to actually was able to have the memory card work when playing it, was nice/lucky enough to have copied nearly almost all of my data over to his own memory card. Whew! So I was able to reformat with ease. Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, the memory card is screwed up, and thus, I’m just gonna buy a new one. No big deal though.

So relief has been found. The only ones he didn’t copy were petty ones, I think it was a few movie ones and mario party 4, of which I didn’t even do any of the story. Happiness will ensue, no doubt, when I get a new memory card and am able to transfer everything over. Thanks for the help anyways, guys. Oh, extra special thanks to PY for telling me not to format yet. Otherwise my data would be gone forever. Hands PY 50 E-dollars and an E-cake Too bad I can’t thank you in person, PY. :slight_smile:

Wait, why new memory card? Your friend has the data, right? I don’t understand why you can’t format it now <_< It works just fine after formatting…

Oh, whoops, left that out. My old memory card is messed up. Badly. When my friend tries to copy the data from his card onto mine, it just recorrupts it. There’s no point in trying, so I’m just gonna toss it, and buy a new one. A Nintendo brand one, not some Mad Catz junk. Second time a Mad Catz memory card failed on me, so now I’m not taking any chances…hopefully.

Hm… good policy. Mad Catz always seemed to look cool, but for fuck’s sake… nothing has worked for more than a year or two for me, while my Nintendo stuff usually works for at least ten. However… Sony stuff usually only beats it by a year or two.

Anyway, I’ve had about 7 mad catz memory cards. Only one still works, aside from the two old Playstation ones, but I attribute that to never ever using them. My mad catz controllers always get fucked up, too…

Hooray, glad to hear it all worked out!
@Mad catz, my madcatz controller is awesome for playing smash bros melee with. When it’s the other person, the stick randomly decides it’s pointing directly right. I win when I use said tactics.

rofl. Very nice, very nice indeed. I used it to the same effect on the PS2 while playing Starwars Battlefront 2 :wink:

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:smiley:> to avoid formating get a biger memory card as a back up and use that

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