We have the most important sprite completed, Samus herself. Also, not all progress is visual; Mason’s programming has taken us pretty far, though you can’t really see that.

My plans for work are to wait until school starts so that I have something pressing to do when my computer time becomes limited. It will inspire me to to constructive things. :slight_smile:

GenTile alone is over 1800 lines of code. (I wrote down 1983, but I think that includes blank lines.) And then there are all the other programs I made… Of course, they would be “visual” progress if I showed the code. :smiley:

There’s also some music done, thanks to the latest addition to our team, Zach Green.

whoa… 1800 lines of code… i would have never thought.


1900 is nowhere near “many”.

Just the initialization code for MetEngine is way over 1900…

Well, that’s nice, because initialization for a window in Visual Basic is about one line, in comparison to at least 20 in C. You’re comparing two different coding languages here. C and C++ natively have to use a lot more lines of code because they’re lower-level.

the story sounds cool…i look foward to cotinueing it in gameplay =)

Sup dudes. I’m here to point out that the basic Metroid Genesis engine is getting more functional every week, although I’ve still got some rough glitches to work out and issues to solve. The latest version of GenGine I’ve released is located at the link below:

I’ve improved it since that release, but not enough to merit another update. Anyway, since I’m sure someone’s going to come along and tell me of glitches I already know about, here’s my glitch/issue list:

Glitch: bounce when holding jump key and not moving sideways at the edge of a diagonal terrain block.
Glitch: can wall-jump off of a diagonal terrain block.
Glitch: can wall-jump after jumping straight up and hitting the ceiling.
Issue: walks backwards after a wall-jump if still holding that direction key.
Issue: can wall-jump too rapidly and too easily. Need to require direction change before wall-jumping.
Issue: can’t walk up or down whole slopes. --can now walk up whole slopes, but it’s bumpy as heck.
Glitch: teleports through wall when momentum is positive and direction is switched.


Ahhh, it’s been far too long! This topic is so old! Anyway, new place for the Genesis stuff.