Global Warming

I was looking in an enviromental science textbook, and I notice about what it said about sulfur. That sulfur can cool the land surface temp as well as the ocean temp, so it maybe possible to stop this global warming. I know this sound strange ,but if we can get more sulfur in the air then it may balance out and the temp will or maybe back the way it was before 1989. That’s when global warming sign first started.

It is up to us to correct the last generation mistakes so our generation and so on can have a chance to live a long life.

Global warming is total bullsh–. If it was truw, then how come then temperature in Az went down a few weeks ago? I mean like, 20 degrees.

If all the ice in the world melts, the water level pretty much won’t go up at all, because the ice displaces just as much water as it would after melting (water displacement is based on mass, and any amount of ice melts into an equal mass of water). Global warming is hardly an issue for some made-up flooding idea, anyway. Who else wants to take a go at cutting it down with good logic? :stuck_out_tongue: (A 20 degree drop in temperature one time doesn’t mean a whole lot–that’s why record highs and lows even exist, not to mention are so far apart.)

Good argument, except Antarctica isn’t floating. Neither is Greenland.

Magmoormaster doesn’t even merit a response.

Can UVR and the others affect the Earth’s temp? Antarctica is a contient, so if all the ice but not all melts then maybe we can mind for gold or other rare materials.

…the others?

And why the fuck would we want to mine for gold?

The problem with that is that the temperature all over the world won’t raise, just the average. Some places will actually get colder, the weather patterns will get exploded and changed pretty much completely, and… etc. Oh, and “tornado lane” is supposed to move up to Minnesota… and I hate tornados… >_<
But anyway…
The major problem isn’t flooding, but one problem is ocean current, even though I have a suspicion that the word “current” isn’t right, but not the point. That’s one reason why the weather patterns will change, because the currents will be completely changed, along with the jet stream…
Lots of good stuff to talk about…
I wish they wouldn’t have called it “global warming,” so many people use “the temp at this place went down” as a counter argument…

Yeah, gold would be pretty useless. You can’t… make things out of gold. At least, nothing that would be worth anything. But god forbid we find OIL in Antarctica, or wars will start…

Hm… that would be kinda ironic. Someone starts mining oil in Antarctica, and then global warming causes a flood that kills all the workers… or… like… a glacier falls on them… or something.
I vote for the glacier.

Yeah, you bring up a good point. The obvious effects of global warming are some of the last things we want to worry about.
The flooding will be bad, because it will destroy a lot of property, but it won’t kill THAT many people. The few degrees of heat won’t kill that many people either.
Bad things:
Less salty and more acidic ocean = less fishies.
Changing currents mean that normally warm europe will start getting colder, if the gulf stream is deflected, hot africa might get hotter, moist asia might get drier, etc.
Rainfall patterns will also be affected. This will fuck with about half of our world’s population, who eat rice. They will start dying.

The US is safe though, so keep on driving your SUVs and shit if you don’t care about the rest of the world.

Tim, you’re my global warming mini-hero.
Just putting that out there.

The ‘theory’ of global warming is nothing but a political agenda. So says the president of the Weather Channel. The internets are littered with disinformation from both sides but must of it is propagated by persons surrounding the one who claims he created the internets >_>
All these theories contain are approximations at best. Approximation = guess.
Your views don’t surprise me Timmeh, not one bit.

Don’t think that I’m for mindlessly wasting resources, far from it, but I’m not gonna be lead like sheep by bias science and politics. Flaming me will get you nowhere.

I’d just like to mention that I don’t hold the president of the weather channel in very high regards as far as a scientist.

…it doesn’t help they never get it right <_<

Regardless, A. I still think it’s true, and B. If it’s nothing but a scare tactic, but still gets people to do something about screwing up our planet in general, then I can’t say it’s a bad thing…

“nothing but a political agenda” Which benefits which political party?
“So says the president of the Weather Channel.” …Who has… which credentials?
“but must of it is propagated by persons surrounding the one who claims he created the internets >_>” Yes, Al Gore invented the concept. Wait, no he didn’t.
“Approximation = guess.” …
“Your views don’t surprise me Timmeh, not one bit.” Why? Because you’re an opinionated fuck who thinks that not only is he right 100% of the time and 100% of the way (lots of people think that), but that he’s the ONLY one that’s right.
You’re not right, and you’re not the only one that has that opinion. I just don’t like dumbass conspiracy theorists who think the government exists to fool them. If you can tell me what political agenda global warming serves, you’ll get a million dollars.

Eco-friendly isn’t bad, I prefer to call it stewardship, but overboard is overboard. It’s easier to control people who are scared if you can make them believe you can help them. Money and power my friend , thats what the world wants.

@Timmeh: If you can’t answer any of your own questions, I can’t help you.

“Your views don’t surprise me Timmeh, not one bit.”

What can I say, your a text box liberal.

Have you, in fact, seen Al Gore’s movie?
It’s not some fucking Zeitgeist, and it doesn’t hold a candle to “Iraq has WMD”.

Text box liberal my ass, I just have a conscience. Belief in a greater good doesn’t make me liberal, it makes me compassionate.

It just so happens that liberals are more compassionate :smiley:

And I still don’t know what the fuck you’re saying when you claim that global warming is part of a political agenda.

Though I will say that I am capable of answering my questions.

“Which benefits which political party?” None.
"…Who has… which credentials?" None.
“Why?” Because you’re an opinionated fuck who thinks that not only is he right 100% of the time and 100% of the way (lots of people think that), but that he’s the ONLY one that’s right.
EDIT: Oh, and I need your help in the Learning topic. Get over there and make yourself useful at the things you’re good at.

If compassionate = rude and unwilling to make an honest attempt to comprehend others’ ideas, you’ve got it.

Keep the rudeness down, dude. You don’t have to say “fuck” every other sentence–you’re doing nothing by that but perhaps making everyone else unhappy, and emotions don’t belong in a debate.

I don’t think you understand that compassionate doesn’t necessarily mean nice.
It means that I am interested in the good of people who aren’t myself. I’m compassionate towards people in trouble. Like those who are being murdered by the stupidity of people like ed here.

Saying “fuck” every other sentence allows me to convey feeling over the internet. If I was indeed interested in proving to you that I’m right, I’d use a more formal tone. I don’t use a formal tone when arguing religion and politics, because I know it’s a hopeless argument. That’s also why I’m not willing to comprehend others’ ideas.

It’s no longer global warming, its “climate change”.
And I think that it’s bull.
Mabey if Gore wasn’t flying around in a private jet telling me about how fossil fuels are changing earths climate, I would listen. He would probably have to do something about his houses too, since each one uses more energy in a month than mine does in a year.

So basically, Climate Change doesn’t exist because Al Gore is a hypocrite.

Very, very solid argument.

The one I’m more worried about is mosquitoes. They’re supposed to become a lot mroe common in places where they were either rare or nonexistant thanks to the overall warming and such. And with mosquitoes comes malaria, etc.

Of course, no one gives a shit because they’re afraid to face anything other than “everything is fine”, so they blame it on a government conspiracy.

True. I probably should have extended “less fishies” to unbalanced ecosystems of all sorts. More of some species, less of others, both on land and in the water.