Goldeneye 007

Because this game doesn’t have its own topic yet, I thought the release of its new multiplayer trailer was a good occasion to make one.

Here’s the video on Game Informer.

This is Nintendo’s middle finger to rare for taking perfect dark from Nintendo consoles.


It may also be the first game on the Wii to have good online multiplayer and not be called Call of Duty, its also great that this game isn’t forgetting couch multiplayer like so many FPS games are.

By the way, phlakes, the link is broken

It’s also blocked at my school, but I seen it before. Kinda looking forward to it, but I’ve got WoW, so who needs another game, amirite?

P.S. Zurg, did you get your case back yet?

Zurg, how can you live with yourself?


well no one else will live with him =]

My ghosh. The fans are on the OUTSIDE. How loud is that?

given that there are visible covers over the fans I’d Imagine that its no louder than an old 360.

What you perceive as covers are actually the mounting brackets for the fan.

Barely audible. Completely inaudible with headphones on, even if there is no no sound coming from them.

Aren’t noise canceling headphones grand?

yeah if you have the cash lying around to get them…

In relation to the topic: I have it now and it is AWESOME!!

The multiplayer is like cod without the shortcomings of cod (like gamebreaking killstreaks)

It gets a solid recommendation.

I’ve been playing it… on a proper system/display, it can rival modern 360/PS3 shooters in a lot of aspects graphically.

The big thing I’m having issues with is adapting to using a c-stick to aim.

Why would you do that when pointer controls are so much more precise, also the classic controller pro is better than the gcn controller for a large number of games (that one included)

Because I’m emulating it. Wiimote isn’t working properly. I’m not using a GC controller, but a 360 one.

I’m trying to emulate it before I buy it because of the mixed reviews, but I can’t get the game to proceed past the title screen. It says I need to create save data, but no buttons work at all. Can’t confirm, deny, or even move the cursor.

Any ideas? Other ISOs work fine. Google shows a few others with this issue but the threads got locked with no response. >_>

Which dolphin release are you using?

I’m running R6536.

Make sure you set GC controller 1 to ‘nothing’.