GOOD, FREE media format converter

okay, so I’m dealing with a really limited setup that I can’t expand so the only video formats I can play are .avi and .wmv but I go looking for whatever and all i can find is fucking .mvk or the like, does anyone know of a good hassle free converter so i can play these movies?

thanks in advance

You are downloading HD-movies. That’s why they use the Matroska container.

but its in standard quality, there is very little anime in anything above 480p

You could use VLC to convert it.

or you could use VLC to PLAY it <_<

You can find it right here.

I’ve been using SUPER to convert videos for a really long time. (That direct link is from this page.)

Thank you very much DeProgrammer

Super is the way to go.
Direct Download:

It can convert nearly anything into anything. (Even into PSP friendly formats, or NDS!)

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