Guitar Hero

Has anyone else here played it?
It’s an excruciatingly fun game, and I didn’t think I could be the only one who’d played it… but I need to know for sure.

Post records and such here.

I’ve beaten everything but Cowboys from Hell and Bark at the Moon on Expert, not counting Bonus tracks (there are 4 or 5 that I can’t beat)

I haven’t really tried any of the songs I can’t beat; I only played each maybe 3 times.

is this like flash flash revolution? (ddr but on flashplayer)

if so, im betting its pretty cool.

I always explain it as DDR with a guitar.
You play by holding down buttons for notes, and strumming the strum bar.

My brother and his friends had a PS2 over at my house once, and I was invited to go play it. Of course I had to go through the intelligence-insulting tutorial and start with a boring song, but it looked like a pretty good game.

Too bad Sony took all the third-party developers… I don’t have a PS2, but it has so many great games I want to play.