What are ya’lls favorite guns? Post pics of 'em here.
#1) M82a1 Barrett .50 cal

#2) VSS Vintorez

#3) Desert Eagle .50 cal


Protip: People not from Alabama don’t really care.

…the white splotch under the Deagle looked like some really odd bayonet for a second there.

Yeah…I wasn’t aware that it was a transparency.
And in case you can’t tell, I like .50 cals.

Are you a retarded redneck that rape pigs with rifles?

That is the impression I get when I read what you write.
And no. I don’t hate you. I just dislike weapons.

Quoted FTW. I love your insults, btw.

Weapons are only good if they’re awesome. This is my morality.

I think this gun is awesome.

Yes, I’m sure it is, for the people like you who use it.

I’d use it if I had one, and a girlfriend or vagina.

Ha ha.

Sorry Zurg, I think butch’s insult was far greater.

He’s getting better and better. Give him some time and he’ll come up with a killer.

glock 17

G36 K or C

I tried to host an image so I could post it but my computer was being itself.

i got a .22 about 2 weeks ago. its a semi auto ruger with a synthetic stock. lovin’ it so far. my dad got me a 25 shot banana clip. fun :smiley:

There we go.

I like a lot of guns. I think my faves are the Cx4 Storm, MP5, MP7, G36C, and the SA80.

C7A1 Assault Rifle ftw bus since most of you prolly don’t know what that is ill just say the M4