Half Life 2 Sounds

I know someone was asking about this but I don’t remember where it was that I saw it so i’ll post em here. they’re in the process of uploading, but be warned: they are rather big (600megs) so be prepared to wait a bit while downloading em.

To download the HL2 sounds .rar archive, please
1] follow this link: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=5d53e74…4e16deea9f557df
2] download parts 1-7 of Half Life 2 sound
3] extract using winrar
4] enjoy!

Well worth the wait, though …

that was me =D

Uh… where is the said download?

its still uploading… taking about 2 hrs but its at 93% now. be patient :slight_smile:

wow i am a boatload of fail. i uploaded it to the website completely… then i read the fineprint and it said it can’t upload because free users can only upload up to 100 meg filesizes. anyway, i’ll have to upload it in multiple parts. hold tight i’ll get it to you don’t worry :slight_smile:

upload completed see edited first post for instructions on installation

I love you.

i love you more then Axion could ever possibly love you


Heh, I have a download limit, so sucks for me. I’d love to have them. Stupid Satellite internet…


part 6 isnt working for me <_<
and not like part 2 was doing


wouldn’t work for me either.

note you have to have them ALL downloaded before you can unpack them…

also they work fine for me so u all fail :slight_smile:

once you have ALL parts downloaded right click on part one and hit extract

part 6 wont download

This is what we were saying…

Neither will part 2. And oh well, unzipping part one had all the sounds I needed anyways. However if the other parts begin to work I will re download in case there is anything else interesting …

part 2 works sometimes, but part 6 goes to a 404


ok i’ll reupload part 6. hang tight.

also, i tried to download both part 6 and 2 and they work fine for me but can’t be too sure, right? :slight_smile:

Need some free web space? >_>

uhh sure… this site was working fine for me though… dont know why you guys are having errors.