Half-Life 2

So I got it, but every time I get to the main menu it crashes, without any error messages.

Help anyone?

no. :smiley:


update video drivers? email steam support? there are a myraid of options.

huh, I just got it yesterday and I’m not having any isues

(64 bit mode FTW!)

Just beat it.

Wow. Just wow.

Getting a graphics mod for it now (played it in it’s original glory first), and it just told me this:

Well, if you ask me (which I know no one has) it’s fun, but despite the myriad of places and people it never really sucked me in, the combat just seemed repetitive. The plot didn’t to draw me in to the story which if you ask a hardcore PC gamer is the stuff of legends nor have any of the characters really managed to endear themselves to me (i.e. no emotional response to the end of ep 2.) All this despite the multitude of perfect scores, GOTY awards and what have you, sometimes the majority of critics can overrate mediocrity, just my honest opinion here.


halo 1 had a sweet story line
halo 2 had great multiplayer

halo 3 ruined it <_<

I would disagree, for one, with the first game you need to consider what it was and what it meant when it came out, it was a turning point in gaming history, FPS’s weren’t only for PCs anymore, with halo 1 there was the invention of the modern FPS controller scheme, Halo 2 added the first gold standard for online multiplayer matchmaking on consoles, and halo 3 is destined to be under appreciated because the two games that came before already standardized console FPSs and it is looked ad be people who were expecting the next great evolution like the first two games, now halo wars is looked at with the same level of contempt because it is just ‘too simple’


Aliens turn people into zombies, you run around killing shit. Except Halo said “Hey let’s make this stupidly dramatic. Master chief can run at 5 km/s and the flood are going to kill EVERYTHING EVER for no apparent reason.” Which I guess is a sweet story line, if by sweet story line, you mean stupidly transparent story line.

half life had an EPIC story line

By the way, Halo was originally intended for release on PC, and the control scheme was not original.

It’s effectively the same scheme of the N64 games… only it has 2 sticks instead of a stick and a pad.

but it added hot buttons for melee and grenades instead of choosing them as main weapons, rebounding health (which you PC gamers seem to despise, but whatever) and the 2 weapon system

2 weapon system? The only other game I know is left 4 dead that uses that, and that’s only for realism. Again, it’s not the first. I played a SNES game with a 2 weapon system.

most FPS’s before halo had you lugging around every gun you cam across, now most FPS’s use it, sure it wasn’t the first, but it was the first intuitive one, beforehand…well many PC gamers maintain that HL2 and CS are the greatest FPS’s ever made, you you know full well the unintuitive nature of many weapons

Idk, I find it easy in HL2, but that’s just me.

If Gordon Freeman can command a squad with his eyes only, then it makes perfect sense to be able to carry every weapon. Duh.

Nope. It was a Macintosh game.
Bungie was a MacOS-only developer for quite some time.

they released Marathon 2 as their first PC game in like 1995 or 1996.
And Microsoft bought them after playing Halo.

Did you know that the first version of Halo was a third person shooter?

And the game was re-written from PPC to x86 code. They changed the controls at that time so the control scheme was original. The old Mac-version of Halo looks and feels nothing like the finished game.

I know, that DVD that came with Halo 2 was quite interesting, and for the record, you’re both wrong, it was a MAC-PC game, like all of blizzard’s games, fun fact: the PC version is available on MAC

And costs $100 a pop. :S