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Continuation of the mini-topic from AotM.

…has anyone else named their gnome?

mine was named "My Love"
upon losing him i’d say "where are you my love?"
or when he fell down a cliff i’d say "MY LOVE, NOOOOOOOOOO"
made the whole process much more enjoyable

like i said before…

a gnome? wtf?

It could work well with “You Idiot” too. Btw you’ve lost me :s

In the beginning of the game there’s a garden gnome under a cabinet, and if you put him in that little hatch on the rocket you get an achievment (see my sig).

And mine was just named Gnome. Also the Vortigaunt that follows you around I named Vorty.

I name mine Conehead. :smiley:

Mine was called Eli.

He’ll never die in my heart :’(

even though you blew him up

*sent him into space to save humanity

he blew up
not space

No, SPACE blew up D:

nope, a rift was disrupted

Maybe he went through the rift into the land of fluffy bunnies ._.

no, other side of the rift was that place i cant remember the name of, where all them nasty creastures came from =D

so he’s either dead by YOUR HAND or YOUR DOING



Mmm maybe not, Xen isn’t the Combine homeworld, and I’ve no idea why they’d want to make a portal there.

Awful place, Xen.

well thats the place i was thinking of

The Combine come from a different planet?

at the end of hl2, look into the portal. That was not Xen.

It came from either the homeworld or a colony world, because they couldn’t change the destination, and that would make the most sense, because it would make troop transport far easier, since they don’t seem to have any sort of interstellar transport (They’re on earth for a reason, obviously not to harvest the people because they fucking kill everyone, so presumably resources, meaning if they could, they’d mine other planets), I presume the homeworld.

I think about this too much.