Halo Reach

Anyone remember me? :wink:

Yeah I still love Halo. What are your thoughts about this upcoming title?

Personally, I think it’ll be pretty sweet. The graphics look incredible, the gameplay is sure to be solid… The Beta was fantastic. I’m quite excited for it.

That said, I’m really wondering if it will beat ODST. I loved that game…

And on a side note…
Why the hell do I still have a 10% warning?? I haven’t been here in like 3 years. WTF.

The beta was epic, but one of the biggest problems I had was the whole voting for gametypes thing. I’m fine with voting for maps, but people should always be able to play whatever gametype they want. I hope they change that in the full game.

And the DMR is god.



Well now I just feel insulted, anyway the beta was really fun, though generator defense clearly needed some fine tuning given the fact that it had some major framerate issues.

also I miss dual wielding.

Generator Defense was a network test. That’s why it seemed to have a lower framerate; because it was lagging really bad.

And yeah, Zurg; that was ghey.


Now that you have posted twice, you can be added to the active user list.

I think I kind of understood somewhat.

Really? I understood all of it, which is why it annoys me, especially that he thinks to review the MP beta as the whole game

It’s a review with extreme prejudice. Of an un-released game. That’s what he does, check out his other vids.

It’s humor, and if you don’t understand that, you really are a blatant fanboy, even if you don’t know you are.

Oh I know its for humor, its just not very good humor, because, being a Halo fan, he insulted my intelligence with his “lowest common denominator.” Besides, we all know that that’s what Call of Duty is aimed at, not Halo.

A lot more 13 year old boys play Halo then COD. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what he was insulting.

Cuz CoD already has all the 10-12 year old boys.

It’s true. I find very few 10-12 year olds on halo anymore. Which is sort of sad… they were always really amusing.

I disagree, why do you think I switched to the PC version of Modern Warfare 2? Because it wasn’t for the fantastic matchmaking system that only works about 50% of the time.

I for one am glad that Halo has less 12 year olds, now if only the 360 version of Black Ops would deal with all the immature twatmongers making Halo: Reach a largely twat free zone.


Wow, that was funny until the ending.

And also all the pedophiles.

Wow, what happened to this place? it used to be fairly active…

I accidentally the whole thing. :cry:

dude, hi mm!

you used to be a buttfucking retard but now you sound intelligent
welcome back!