So of all people to be posting about this… lol.

I got the ‘Share-ware’ version today, and came across an interesting feat:

Almost 600 fps. WTF is this!?!


Man! What video card do you use?! And how much RAM have you got?

My dads laptop can pull about 100 or so. Not to hard. But 600!!! That makes like, no sense at all. Get a BETTER CARD!!! PULL 1000!!!

How many FPS do you have when there’s stuff happening on the screen?
Like the next level, where you drive the Warthog and rescue marines.
Or when the convenant is boardint the Pillar of autumn on the first stage where you took that screenshot.

thats what i said when he told me on AIM xD

great minds think alike.

3-400 fps during major fights. I don’t see why there is such a major fluctuation, but w/e.


if your fps is 3 you’d better get that checked out :stuck_out_tongue:

By 3-400 I meant 300-400.

XD lolz Pom.

I haven’t tried it on my new PC yet but on my friends PC with a 256MB 8600 GT superclocked i get around 200, do you have vsync turned on?

-100 fps!?

Yeah, I don’t get it. Shouldn’t happen.

Halo has bad coding, but it still pulls insane frames with a good card.


translation: halo is made of poop.

and pus

Correction: Halo isn’t made the best, but is good and had a good direction
Halo 2 & 3 are made of poop.