i’m a pro at halo 3.
i was playing with my mom and friends and they were all liek "you should go pro"
and i was like, ya stupids! i am pro.

This one time on xboxlive these guys were rushing towards me and i got awesome headshots using pistol and they had good guns n stuff.
I was all liek "yo yippity to suckas! cant get da master of disaster!!! WUT WUT"
so if any of you are asleep at night and hear in the distant a child scream out "CURSE YOU LORD_PUFFKINS"
you’ll know who to blame.

are you a spambot or are you just fucking retarded?

Yo. I don’t go to your house and take a dump all over your pillow so dont do the same to me.

excuse me!?! nevermind why are you posting like…searches for good term to describe people like you

either way there is a Halo 3 topic hidden away…somewhere not that I’m trying to minimod or anything but you keep doing these ridiculous things

first you yell at me for bumping tompics and now yuo want me yo bump topics? your crazier than my aunt fred.
all im trying to do is maek frnds.

wow he was banned?!? that was fast, almost as epic as grammatical gerbil that was funny

No, Elbow was Epic…at least for me, since I was involved…It was also faster.

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Grammatically incorrect people don’t even need my help to be banned here!