Happy Turkey Genocide Day!

Happy Turkey Genocide Day!

45 million turkeys were killed for today.

They were also bred for today in the first place.

Happy Thanksgiving!

If Hitler had bred Jews, would the Holocaust be okay?

I hate turkeys more than jews though, so eh.

Godwin’s Law even applies to Thanksgiving topics… wow. :stuck_out_tongue:

“at least i have chicken.”

yes… that’s right I have chicken and not turkey. WHAT NOW FOOS!? :smiley:

Happy TGD* guys!

I like em turkeys they’re good :smiley:

*Thanksgiving Day…>.>

I’m Canadian so I celebrated TGD in October, but yeah, you guys have a happy turkey genocide.

Same here. You guys make sure the turkey is dead before you feast on its carcass, k?

The turkey came back and haunted me in my sleep.

No, seriously, I couldn’t sleep because of something I ate. I spent most of the night with my best pal, the porcelain pot, by my side. And then after pretty much not sleeping, I went Black Friday shopping at 5 and bought a laptop for $120. :stuck_out_tongue:

I only eat ham. I don’t kill turkeys.

Winners eat ham AND turkey.

thumbs up


So I’m a winner?

(I lied earlier. My mom made me eat turkey)

Ok you’re a winner.

:smiley:> :sweat::smiling_imp: