Hardest game ever...

i think the hardest metroid game is metroid 1 not zero mission i think kraid is hard on metroid 1 and ridley easy :neutral_face:

Dark Samus, there’s a trick to kill the yellow devil in one hit… :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO, there is no “hardest game ever.” Everybody thinks differently.

Halo 2 Legendary, play it ALONE, not with a buddy and it will be hell on earth

I beat Halo 2 with my eyes closed and in French. It wasn’t that hard.


You didn’t. :astonished:

<<>> Nope I don’t have the French Halo 2 on my Friend’s X-box <<>>.

I’m sure there has to be a harder game than Halo II…

Well then Im not very good at Halo 2

[Daz Said

Yeah, I know you fire the eletric weapon then push select rapidly so it hits over and over and over. :smiling_imp: I just don`t like to cheat. :laughing:

How is exploiting a game “cheating?” :laughing:

I think super metroid is the hardest game ever. By the way… why isn’t this a poll?

Too mayn games thats why

That’s a joke, right?

Please let that be a joke.

That’s gotta be a joke…


Okay, I’m all for opinions, but how in the hell can you consider the easiest game in an easy series to be the hardest game ever?

And they wonder why the modern audience insists games be as easy as they are today… :confused:

Darkblade Shinobi said

true… Well acutally I didnt know about that "exploit' until after I killed the pit demon. Which only took I dont know 2 weeks! :imp:

As for Super Metroid, its the one I’ve made very little progress in.

All the Metroid games except for Metroid and Metroid2 were easy as heck. Period.

try MZM on hard shudders took me a week.THATS RIGHT ONE FREAKING WEEK! :angry:

Yeah… The hard mode was hard… :angry:

2 Hours even on Hard died only three times. Wasn’t so “hard”.