okay, I’m trying to install a game and the autorun won’t launch and my computer isn’t recognizing disk drives, is there something I can do in say, the command prompt to get autorun to do it’s fucking job?

Sounds like a problem with the drive. Take the disk out and see if the drive shows up in ‘My Computer’. If not your drive might be dead. Make sure it’s plugged in properly and whatnot.

If it is there, and it’s not reading the disk, check another disk. If it reads that it’s the disk.

yeah it’s not going to autorun if it doesn’t know there’s a drive… >_>
command prompt isn’t magic

Heh. I’ve had issues with autorun before. My hard drives would ask me what program to run (you know when you click on a file type and it asks you to select the program from the list?) when I double clicked on them. I had to manually right click and select “open”. Do you have any spare drives lying around? If so, try replacing it and see if the computer recognizes it. Alternatively, check the cmos(or is that bios?) for the devices listed.

no games work, DVD’s do, ‘my computer’ doesn’t recognize any drives, virtual or real, and mounting ISO’s won’t give me the autorun either, though DVD ISO’s also work fine.

you broke your shit. throw out your computer, pack up your things, and start a new life in idaho

Reinstall your OS. :stuck_out_tongue:

(No reformatting…that’s retarded and pointless.)

except that it clears your HDD which you occasionally want to happen