Hello Phlakes

Hi Phlakes, i finally made a thingie, so yeah…

Mod edit (post combine):
Alas, i am a lowly zoomer…

It’s called an edit button. :wink:

its ok we cant all be… uhhh… hold on…


metroid prime ;D

I’m A Screaming Riot.

I just realized… Shouldn’t this go in the ‘Hi, I’m new’ thread?

It doesn’t matter. lol.

I had heard that…the guy who used to have the Jayne Cobb avatar right?

oh yes and before someone asks, my name is not “A Bun Coleman” it’s abun, Arabic for father, it’s a reference to Orson Scott Card’s “Empire” I’m a little on the nerdy side… :sweat:

i figured it was something like that, a bun coleman wouldnt make any sense in any way xD

Bun? BUN?
I thought your username was “A bum Coleman”.

Well, I guess it was a good idea to make that comment then, wasn’t it?


And while I have your attention, I’ll give you a couple tips.

  1. Use the Edit button at the top right of your little post window.

  2. It will seem like you’re out of place or intruding for the first few posts and topics you make. That lasts for a while.

  3. Check the forums for old topics before you create a new one. We’ve had too many “What’s your favorite suit/weapon/game?” polls.

  4. Do not bump old topics unless you have a relevant update. If you have and update on a topic that’s over a month old, it better be pretty darn relevant.

  5. People will call you Bun.

  6. Cutrider is your god on this forum.

  7. Slowly waves two fingers You will not become inactive.

Oh god no, call me Cole :sweat:


HA! tip 1 complete

and while i’m on it, all hail Cutrider?

now you just need to accept the fact that we’re calling you Bun

no bun

1st choice: Cole

2nd choice: Abun

3rd choice: bun (and then i break tip 7)

#7 wasnt a tip, its also not optional

“Call me Cole” was not a tip, it is also not optional.


very well a


Bunny, did you know that orson scott card is a crazy, crazy mormon?
Not to say I don’t love Ender’s Game. I think the fact that he’s crazy might actually make it better.

He also cranks homophobia up to 11.

Also, Tim, who doesn’t love Ender’s Game?