Hello, Ztar

If you’re still online when this is put up, that is.

But yeah. I see you joined in '05 and you only have 4 posts, so I guess you decided to stop by to see how things are going (spoiler alert: they’re not). Anyway, I’m before your time so you don’t know me, but go ahead and pull up a chair and relax a bit. This is THE greatest internet community in the history of everything ever. Plus, we’re running low on members and activity, so a new relatively face could help a bit.

So hello.

EDIT: Dammit, he left. Balls.


and is therefore now about song parodies.

because little kuriboh is funny

so verry funny

This board is going to hell D:

It’s been there for a while. We’re just working on reaching the 8th level. :stuck_out_tongue: