And update.
And stuff.

Basically, the only way I figured out (yesterday, but without internetz) to activate the restore points is to go into the help on your comp and type in “system restore” and then hit “Run system restore”

On my computer, I could go back like 2 months and restore… so I hope that’s good enough for you.
Oh, one thing though: you should back up everything you’ve created since then.

Also, while you’re doing that, see if you can restore a previous point, and thusly restore all the restore points you had then.
If that made no sense to you, then whatever. Just go save all your work <_<
EDIT: By back up, I mean put on something that’s not your computer. Cause system restore will baleet (delete) all of your stuff that happened after the restore point

Hm. That’s not bad. But hey, at this point, most of the stuff is either replace, or forgotten about. Lol. If there wasnt good info about recovering files here, this thread could already be locked. But I’m glad you guys cared anyway. :slight_smile:

“Most of” doesn’t cut it when we’re talking about the mighty and awesome RH sprite… thing.


yea i feel yea, i just wiped my computer and after i relized they were gone…

Lol. Thanks, but there’ll be plenty of sprites coming in the future. Anyhow,like I said, it’s nice having less clutter all over the place.