ok, so i have a fish tank
and the heater started to take on water and electrified the water
this fish was spazing and i tore ass over to it and ripped the thing ouuta the wall and tank as fast as i could, the fish calmed down
theyre all ok as far as i can tell
but now i have a new problem
how am i gunna keep it warm?
for now i stuck a bottle full of hot water in there
in the process scalding my fingers xD

anyone know another way to keep them warm till i can get a new heater?

you might try using a space heater on the outside of the glass, that might make it warm enough for them to live.

Um…fix the heater you have? Though I’m not sure how well that would work, of if you could even fix it.

Other than that, I have no idea. Good luck, CMC.

luck was on my side, my grandma had one =D
though then the power went out <_<

but its back and THE FISH LIVE!



fish taste bad it wouldn’t’ve been bad if they died. in fact, you would’ve done a favor to the loathsome things :stuck_out_tongue: