How do I use my custom control configureation in Smash Brothers Brawl?
I’ve saved it to the Wiimote but I still get that shitty deafult layout.

I’m using a classic controller.

Idk! D:


You have to upload your name from your wiimote to the Wii console you are using, then you have to select your name from the list when choosing a character.

If you’ve already done this, then I have no idea. I’d have to know more about what exactly you did.

So it should be saved on the console and not in the controller?

I know that works for me. Try saving it there and THEN saving it to the Wii-mote.

What Zurg said. The point of downloading your profile onto your Wiimote is so that you can upload it to any other Wii, thus giving you your custom controls without having to completely map them over again on a new console.

EDIT: It should still be saved in the controller. You’re just copying it over. Under the “Brawl” category on the main menu, there should be a little pencil that says “Names”. Click on that, and then there should be a picture on the screen prompting you to upload profiles by pushing a button on the Wiimote. From there, you can upload profiles you’ve put onto your Wiimote.

Hopefully that’ll work for you. I’m not sure how different the PAL version is compared to the NA version.

the only things that are supposed to differ with the PAL and NTSC versions are the standard res so swan should be right, though I’ve never needed to transfer that shit because I grew up on melee so…yeah default GCN controls work best for me.

Well, I made the switch to the Wiimote-Nunchuck combo, and it works pretty smoothly, but I still had to map grab to the C button and the taunts to the D-Pad.

Other than that, it worked pretty well. But it does force me to keep my profile on my favorite Wiimote for when I’m playing Brawl at a party.