Ok, this is wierd. I built a new computer.
I hooked it up to my old monitor, and it worked fine first boot.
Then I hooked it up to my new one. Nothing.
So I hooked it up to the old one, and it no longer works!?!?!?!?!??!

I’m so confused.

Did you take a look back inside, see if you just wired something loose?

try wiggling the lead. (<_< :smiley:)

could be a settings problem
i know my laptop wont take an external monitor until i tell it to send to it instead of the one its used to

and when i replaced it i had to forst have the old screen in, set it to the external, install the new one, and use the external to set it to the internal one so it would actually take to it xD

computers are a strange thing, and need to be told exactly what to do xDD

theyre like submissives <_<

if you can see the bios i would try and look in there to tweak a setting

Found out (Via handy debug LCD on mobo and 1 1/2 hours of talk with the tech ppl) that the 1st RAM slot didn’t want to work. I then proceded to beat the $#!+ out of it until it changed it’s mind.

Now the OS doesn’t want to recognise the Hard drive…X_X

If both vista and ubuntu fail to recognise it, I’m-a assuming it’s a hardware problem :slight_smile:

But it works on the other computer, but only running, it can’t install on there either… o_O

so then get a new mobo

Its’ not the mobo, I can run linux live cd, just not install it.

so get a new hdd.

and if that isn’t the problem…your fucked my friend but perhaps the problem is that the mobo isn’t recognizing the HDD because on, the other or both are fucked up

I know it’s nothing with the motherboard because of a nice debug LCD that gives you that info.
Yes, including if something plugged into it isn’t working.

Hmm, so can you access your HDD at all?

OK, on the computer Windows was installed on that hard drive with, it RUNS, but won’t let me install anything.
On my new computer, it detects the drive, but won’t run it, obviously, because the OS wasn’t installed for that Mobo;
However, it won’t allow me to install on it either.

Also, Typo in my last post:

Meant to say if the Plug something is plugged into isn’t working.

So you have read but not write?
can you, for example, create and save a text file?

run diagnostics?

open computer, insert grenade

idk and I really don’t feel like checking…it involves taking both apart and such.

Like, I can run XP on the old computer, but can’t install XP or Linux on either hard drive in either computer.

fail. and waste all that good money? try inserting another monitor if that works…

The monitor works perfectly fine now.

And grenade= no.
I haven’t spent $500 on this thing to blow it up.