ya i just read one of your posts on the first page right after i posted that lol

then use…
a fixitbomb

Ok, here is the exact error message (holy crap this is long to type. >_<):


Well I don’t claim to know much about OSes but to me that looks like your fucked and just wasted $500…congratulations?

It’d be fun…if it wasn’t my computer.

Synty, you don’t know much about anything, so shut up.

Well, that error message says “pci.sys” on the second line, so I’m-a go out on a limb and say it’s complaining about your graphics card (in the pci-e slot, I guess)

You need XP SP2 to use PCIe.

I don’t have anything in any of the slots…

Not true. I’ve done without.

You probably just need to reinstall Windows on that hard drive (and you can’t use another computer to do it and then swap the hard drives). You said you can’t do that, but why is that? Have you tried changing the boot order to try to boot from the CD first and enabling Legacy USB Support if you have a USB keyboard? Those are necessary (assuming they aren’t both done by default).

I have performed (and been paid for!) such services more than 10 times. :stuck_out_tongue:

CD boot = yes…I’ll check with the keyboard thing.

I mean, it goes into the install and reads all the installing stuff…but then it goes to the blue screen of death I posted above.

Naming a topic “HHHAAALLLLLPPPP!!!” is probably the most spammish thing you could do.

it shows his desperation


A better title would be “Computer Problems.”

i said nothing of proof

Ah. Well, you might have a bad CD or a bad motherboard or a bad something else, in that case.

But the motherboard LCD says stuff like that…

Well, that’s just according to Microsoft. But who knows, maybe you know more about their OS than they do?

Or maybe you installed XP with SP2 on the disc?

Microsoft is stupid sometimes. They said that you need SP1 (maybe it was SP2? But either way, I had no service packs on my original XP disc) to use hard drives greater than 137 GB, but my 160 GB external hard drive always worked right.

No, I didn’t even have SP1 cuz it wouldn’t let me download it.

retro, it’s even spammier to tell someone their topic is spam when it is not.

Zurg, are you sure your CD is ok?