Pretty cool :slight_smile: Simple yet fun.

I got stuck though. Couldn’t get the purple beam down :frowning:

Huh, weird. What purple beam? The small ones or the large ones?

The uh, first one? Where it’s a bunch of beams right after the morph ball, and one’s purple?

Just observe your surroundings… it shouldn’t be that difficult to figure out.

Mmm, no, tim has a point.
If your test users can’t get it, it’s not right :stuck_out_tongue:

EVERYBODY got it on other forums. It’s just a puzzle.

Oh, then tim is just silly :slight_smile:

Wtf o_O
I swear, the blue switch didn’t turn the beam off last time.
Ohkayy then.

That was really fun. Especially the last room. :sunglasses:

Nice work!

Tanks dude. :laughing:


Is this what you’ve been doing with your time adam?

Why don’t the enemies drop health? Oh and customizable controls or even at least a control map would be nice :smiley: