Zomg Lol, at long last! :smiley:

I remember you! :astonished:

…That guy?!

Woo! Welcome back MH!

Hahah, welcome, ‘new user’, eh?


0.0 what the fuck I thought you left >_>

…I’m fairly sure that’s the point of this topic. To show that he came back after all.

…Only to leave again.

Haibai! :smiley: D:

Yes, that was his intention. At least that’s what he told me. >_>

Abuse of power, I say!
Ban him to the depths of hell!

Dare you to try it. He may just shut down the forum. >_>


LOL, you guys are funny.

I’m kind of internet ADD lately. Too much shit going on in my life. Bad shit at that. Glad to see the community is still kickin’. I’m not much for working on this stuff anymore. My artistic talents have pretty much just become traditional materials and techniques, along with some digital painting.

You should stick around, though! We’re groovy, you’re groovy, we could work something out =P

hell, timmeh even has an animated sig that changes every time you refresh the page! what can be more groovy than that?

hey how did you do that?

There’s some website that does it for you… actually, probably a few. You link to the URL that the site gives you and put it in your sig/avi/whatever, and the site changes the picture every time someone views it.

I used a .php script and had PY upload it for me =P