Hiddens Eggs

Its past easter, but the hunt never ends.
I know a few secrets in programs we use on a daily basis, nifty little easter eggs tucked into their very coding.

Thats all I know about, if I find more, I’ll post here.

Hoorah, I love easter eggs, truly I do.
All chocolaty and yummy, or funny and unique.

oh hey
llamas in winamp? hold ctrl+shift+alt and click the middle of the red +

(they headbang)
And if you typle nullsoft (press esc after every L) you’ll get a neat effect.

Is that skin-specific?
I use the old winamp classic skin, still. Nice and compact, and seeing as I only use global hotkeys to control it, I never see it anyway!
(Best use of the pause|break button ever, it’s barely used otherwise!)